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Our Team


Angela Brasseaux

Executive Assistant

Angela works tirelessly to ensure the clinic runs smoothly. She is the epitome of organized which makes her the perfect person to handle the clinic’s billing and insurance department. When she’s not working, Angela loves being with her two children sons and their wives, four grandchildren, and the love of her life, Tim.


Sandy Dubroc

Medical Assistant

Sandy works hard making sure patients receive the  medical care at our clinic. With many years of medical experience, she will not only provide excellent care, but will also bring a smile to your face with her wit and sense of humor. She is the proud mom to twin boys and married to her musician husband, Way.


Emily Piercy

Psychological Technician

Emily administers many different psychological tests at our clinic. She is exceptionally kind and professional with patients of all ages, from kids to adults. She is known to give out prizes to good listening boys and girls! Emily is the proud mom to Baylor and married to her sweetheart, Sam.

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